Here’s to Power: Our DOW is on All 18650 Batteries!

This week our Deal of the Week is all about keeping you powered up! All 18650 batteries are specially priced at 10% OFF so right now is the ideal time [...]

  • VaporFi Former Smoker Quits Due to Health Issues

Former Smoker Switches to Vape to Save Her Foot from Amputation

A story out of Morecambe, in the United Kingdom, in The Visitor today shows that vaping can be a life-changing experience for those who have struggled to quit smoking for [...]

  • VaporFi New York Vape Ban

New York E-Cig Ban Passes Assembly Vote, Bill Moves on to Senate for Approval

The New York State Assembly has approved legislation that would add e-cigarettes to the existing Clean Indoor Air Act. This bill was originally designed to ban smoking of traditional tobacco [...]

  • Vaporfi Study Shows Benefits of Vaping

New Cancer Research Suggests Vaping instead of Smoking Reduces Risk of Lung Tumors

A stunning new study published in the scientific journal Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis is providing yet another strong case for why e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful than traditional cigarettes. This [...]

  • VaporFi Lawsuit Criticize FDA Regulations on Vape Industry
  • VaporFi FDA Sued For FOIA Violation

Are Vaping Regulations Truly Protecting the Public? Lawsuit against FDA Seeks Clarification

According to Judicial Watch a new lawsuit has been filed by the non-profit organization against the US Department of Health and Human Services. The lawsuit alleges that the HHS failed [...]

  • VaporFi Study Examines Secondhand Vapor

Air Quality in Vape Shops May Provide Insight into Secondhand E-Cig Vapor

The state of California has been examining whether or not second-hand vapor is a serious public health concern. While smoking has been banned in many public places in the Golden [...]

  • Vaporfi Austin Louisville Latest States Imposing Vape Ban

Louisville and Austin are the Latest Cities to Ban Vaping in Public

Much to the dismay of many residents, a number of cities have enacted vape bans across the United States. Most recently, Austin, TX, and Louisville, KY, have added themselves to [...]

Deal Of The Week: Catch Ya Now, Catch Ya Latte!

Have we got some deliciousness in store for you this week! If you’ve got coffee on the brain and are counting the hours till your next java break, let us [...]

  • VaporFi UK Proposes Smoking Ban

U.K. Considers Public Smoking Ban, Vaping Would Still Be OK

A new proposal from the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) in the United Kingdom is aimed squarely at those who continue to smoke despite the known health consequences. The [...]

  • VaporFi News Half UK Vapers Quit Smoking

More than Half of Vapers in the U.K. Have Quit Smoking

A national study in the United Kingdom sheds some new light on the vape industry in that country. According to research conducted by the Action on Smoking and Health, an [...]

  • VaporFi Wisconsin Board Meeting Asks Where is Common Sense

Wisconsin Public Hearing Airs Concerns about FDA Coordination with Regard to Electronic Cigarettes

The Village of Hartland, Wisconsin is asking the tough questions these days when it comes to vapor products and the FDA. As Hartland's Public Hearing Board met last week to [...]

  • VaporFi News FDA Pushes Back Deadline for Vape Industry

FDA Won’t Be Enforcing Stricter Regulations on E-Cigarettes, For Now

The electronic cigarette industry vaped a sigh of relief after a Monday night announcement by the Trump administration, which stated that some of last year's FDA deeming rules were placed on [...]

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